You've seen other businesses and your competition move forward with technology and you would like to do the same.  

    • How do I find the time to make this happen for my company?

    • Can I afford to make the changes and be sure that it will be worth the investment?

    • Does Technology really address what I want to achieve?

These answers are really as individual as your company.  You have the knowledge about your business.  Jerome has the IT knowledge.  Only by bringing this information together can the issues be examined and the solutions identified.  Jerome can recommend a process that would work for you according to your schedule.  This typically involves:

    • Business Analysis – You may already have some documentation around how your business works such as operational manuals, mission statements, etc.  Even if these are not available, Jerome can conduct the analysis to identify your processes and methodology.

    • Business / IT Mapping – following standards-based methodologies Jerome can discover and measure how your IT is currently serving your business.  From here solutions can be recommended and agreed that will work for your business.

    • Execution and Implementation – when it comes time to take action on an agreed solution, you’ll have someone with you each step of the way.  Jerome can be as actively involved as you choose, from hands-on, to acting in a consulting capacity to your own staff or other vendors that will implement your solution.

To achieve the outcomes you are looking for in your business, make contact with Jerome today.